Episode 6

# riot don’t diet

Published on: 23rd March, 2021

Y’all think you’re fat because conglomerations indoctrinate you, us, the we. The garment industry sells skinny but we should be thankful. Technically you’d think larger clothing meaning more material would equate to costing more money. We don’t sell clothing by the pound, thankfully but by the pound we judge ourselves at the cost of self worth. I’ve been skinny my whole life long and so I chase those pounds at the cost of my self worth. Mo money, mo food, mo fat haters who say they wish they could eat like me (the hate beckons). If capitalism is fiat driven then fiat money is a bloody mechanism and we are at war with censorship and ill-intending hype as conglomerations drive the engines of advertisements, pumping diets and pumping pecs. I say, Riot don’t Diet.

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